Monday, April 9, 2018




Ineke Cornish 

 I love autumn, particularly the changing colours of the leaves on deciduous trees. I love the harvest time; freshly picked apples, blackberries, pumpkins etc., the mellow days and cooler nights.
Autumn is a transition time; a time to look back in thankfulness on the blessings of summer, but also a time to prepare for the colder weather which will inevitably arrive.

Our Christian walk draws many similarities to the seasons; as they come and go.
Life is also constantly changing and challenging.  We only need to turn on our TV’s to realize our children are growing up in a much different world to the one we knew. Our personal circumstances also change – health and physical stamina deteriorate with age, kids leave home, loved ones pass away…

 The one thing, the one Person who NEVER changes is our loving eternal God.  ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever’ Hebrews 13:8.

The God who has been ‘our help in ages past will be our hope for years to come’ It is only in Him we can confidently and with unshakable faith face the future, whatever it may bring.
Autumn is a great time to reflect on your relationship to Jesus Christ, if you have never made a commitment to Jesus, do so now before it’s too late, before winter comes. 
If you do know Jesus as your personal Saviour, stay close to Him in this changing season.

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